Where To Buy Inexpensive School Supplies

So, you want to make money by mail? Direct mail is a fantastic way to make money, IF you know what you are doing. Sending mail to hundreds of thousands of people can be very costly. You probably have to buy the names and addresses, then the envelopes, the print ad, postage, etc. There are companies that specialize in this which I’m sure would save you some costs, but instead of trying to make money by mail, have you considered this alternate way?

You start your business and there is so much investment in the beginning. You may need to buy a new computer, a new printer, perhaps new Office Equipment. Then you may need a new website, branding, logo design. Next you sign up for newsletter software, teleseminar services, customer relationship software. And you may hire a virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, an accountant. Finally your biggest investment is usually in business coaching and/or business training programs.

Placing your table or desk in front of a window may provide light, but sometimes you may decide you need a good strong blind to keep out the sun’s glare. Use desk lamps or free-standing spot lights to ensure that artificial lighting is right for working on the computer or other work you may do. Sometimes it’s better to aim lighting at the ceiling so you create a diffused glow, rather than shining them directly on the work surface.

Now you can see what other space you have. To take advantage of the space way above your desk, you can hang a long shelf all the way across from wall to wall. Your closet might even already have a shelf like this. If you have some room to the right or left, hand shelves from ceiling to desk level (or even to the floor if you have room). You can place baskets or boxes to hold your Weaver & Bomfords or a printer. Above your desk and below that top shelf, you can hang a bulletin board or dry-erase board on the wall. You might want to add a lamp for light. If you don’t have an electrical outlet near, you can buy a battery powered light.

I lived through a similar experience when selling in Pittsburgh for a major manufacturer of Office Interiors when the steel industry left that city. There was gas rationing. Imagine being an over the road sales rep and only being able to buy fuel every other day. Which was not necessarily the days you needed it to sell and make a commission.

Save Money on Your Phone Bill – the market for telecommunications has never been so competitive and you could save a bit of money by just changing your supplier. If you make a lot of national calls pay a little extra every month, and get all your local and national calls free.

Personal Growth – MLM provides more than just money. It allows people to grow personally. You will learn to run a successful business, work with all types of people, improve communication skills, and learn successful habits.

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