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It’s true that guys need male mentors who can shepherd them into the advancing stages of life. But I’ve lately come to realize how some of the most important mentoring relationships I have had have been with women.

It can also become difficult; even impossible, to get the sound you want. You might have an amazing drum track lined up, you found a bass loop that is killer, you even found an awesome rhythm guitar loop that works. You spent hours cutting, pasting and tweaking it to get a realistic rock sound, and arrangement. Only one things missing, and its the one thing loops cant do. Give you lead guitar that matches everything else perfectly.

It is a complete Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW, that allows you to do everything on your own personal computer that you could do in a recording studio. This offers you a savings of thousands of dollars in equipment and studio space alone!

Berry, born in 1929, began a hard life in Detroit’s inner city. He dreamed of leaving a positive mark on the world and had short careers both in the US Army and as a boxer. But neither of these were his dream and he soon returned to Detroit to start anew as a songwriter. Berry caught his first break in 1957, when Brunswick Records bought one of his songs called Reet Petite. This lit a fire under him and he soon ventured into independent Pop Song writing with a singer by the name of Marv Johnson.

You see, with the way technology has evolved, anyone with a little bit of time on their hands can make slick instrumentals with little to no experience. You think that it takes fancy gear to bang out a hot beat? You probably wouldn’t believe how many tracks have been made by top hip hop producers on software programs that cost them less than $100!

Create a script like the big boys do. Wright your vision down on paper and see it in your minds eye before you start filming. There is something magical that happens when you put pen to paper.

The first connection came through the great software, Rhapsody. For those of you who haven’t been turned on to the wonder of Rhapsody, it is a music subscription service. For $9.95 a month, it allows you to play almost any song or album ever recorded at the touch of a button. I was driving the kids to Staples to pick up some supplies, when the song “The Weight of the World” started to play. The voice was plangent, subtle, heart-filled. It was a familiar voice. A voice I knew well, personally. It was Judy Collins. The tragic song, and its perfect rendering, about a sister’s reflections on her brother who died in war, filled me with emotion. The feeling expanded in my chest, and took on a multi-colored hue. I was transported back 36 years, to the autumn of 1975.

You need to become an Entrepreneur in this day in age, being your own boss. Knowledge is the key to any Entrepreneur, so make sure you get your knowledge and know how up!

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