Some Important Tips Of On Page Seo

The goal of search engine optimization is to create sales through internet search engines, such as Google. Google has over 70% market share and Bing/Yahoo has about 26%. The differences between the results are minimal as each has the same economic incentive – is to provide search results that are most accurate and relevant for any given query. Since only 10 will arrive on the first page, both Google and Bing are happy to sell advertising so that you can land on the first page even if the search engines don’t think you deserve it.

The reason seo is considered a long term strategy is…well, it takes a long time. If your marketing is focusing on highly competitive keywords, such as “Europe travel”, there is so much competition that you could be looking at two or three years before getting top rankings. The time period is really a factor of how fast you can build links. Sometimes you can move up within 6 months, but sometimes it takes a few years.

When I work with small business owners who already have a website and they come to me because they have no traffic from it, I give away free reports showing exactly where their site ranks and I show the business owners why their site is not ranked even before they agree to work with me. kind of good faith, here’s what I know look it over and if you want better rankings let’s get started! Look for that. A firm willing to do a little without SEO GOOGLE always wanting a payment.

Instead of “fighting” to sell people on using Faxes… go to restaurants that are already using Faxes. One of the restaurants in my town had a Fish Bowl next to their cash register with a sign that said; “Drop your business card in the Bowl to Join our “Fax Club” to receive special offers via Fax!

This industry is not an easy one to fight your way into. There are large numbers of people trying to punch and kick their way into the MLM business. Only 3% ever keep afloat and actually make a living. The fight is on if you don’t want to get knocked out.

First of all, if your content is out of date, Google will notice that. If your information isn’t the type that has to be updated regularly, it isn’t a problem. However, it’s good to have updates sometimes to let them know that you’re still kicking around.

Instead of going for black hat SEO, fix your site and optimize each page. When you do it, don’t think solely about the search engines. This should be your second thought. Your main concern should be whether the visitors find the site useful or not. Bottom line: optimize your website for the users and the search engines, using ethical tools.

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