Macomb County Honors The Victims Of 9/11 And Flight 93 With Commemorative Events

It seems Massachusetts State Representative James O’Day (D – west Boylston) has come up with a great idea to keep people and company from fleeing the state. He has filed a bill which will raise the state income tax from 5.3 % to 5.95%. After all the rich already have to much money as do those evil corporations. It doesn’t matter that several years ago Massachusetts voted to have the income taz lowered and it was never done, let’s raise them some more.

What separates the two men are temperament and judgment. Rahm’s temperament is ill suited for the job of vote in bryan nelson. His temper is legendary and he wants to always have his way. His judgment comes into question.

That candidate was Gery Chico. It is not just that I got a response from the Chico campaign. I heard from Gery’s long-time assistant. His campaign manager. A couple fundraisers. A couple field guys.

Oh, did I mention that Gery called too. Within minutes, I might add. During the call he only asked for a chance to be heard and was willing to engage the public and the community in a real conversation about the future of Chicago.

And the Thrashers are leaving the market despite assurances from co-owner Michael Gearon that they could run the team here next year and despite comments from the other co-owner Bruce Levenson – the real villain in this saga – that hockey could work here.

No, I can’t imagine another public education system in New York City that gives every kid a chance. I think some people in the DOE envision one, but to me it looks too full of charter schools and public schools competing like free market players in some strange and cutthroat “educational marketplace”, as Klein said about his move to News Corp.

Blagojevich, who was Illinois’ governor from 2003 to 2009, faces a maximum sentence of 305 years in prison although federal guidelines dictate he get far less and most legal experts say 10 years is more than likely what he will receive. His birthday is Dec. 11 so it is possible he could spend his birthday behind bars for the first time and several more years to come.

Macomb County Honors The Victims Of 9/11 And Flight 93 With Commemorative Events

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