Laser Hair Removal Treatment – The Secret To Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair, Permanently!

Is your unwanted hair causing you embarrassment and keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest? If so, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful process called laser hair removal.

You may have seen it advertised before, but you might not know much about the EvoDerma LUMI. It is a new product in hair removal. More specifically, permanent hair removal or reduction. So, if you are upset with the hair anywhere on your body, you will want to keep reading, because this product will save both time and money.

Although the pain is not completely unbearable, there will still be some discomfort during your first Hormone Optimization treatment. The laser emits heat into the hair which warms up the hair follicles deep inside of the skin. Since the skin on our face is extra sensitive, you should expect a very uncomfortable feeling during the procedure. After the first treatment, the pain begins to become less prominent as your hair follicles begin to lose their mass. Your face will also become accustomed to the laser and far less sensitive than it was during the first treatment. Some have compared the feeling to getting a tattoo. If you can handle getting a tattoo on your body, you can definitely handle a laser treatment. Personally, I think a tattoo hurts much more, but you can be the judge of that.

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Since the hair growth cycle varies so dramatically on different parts of the body, it is important to know these cycles in order to effectively treat the hair. The lip and chin have different cycles than the legs and underarms. You must treat the hair on each part of the body at the right time!

There’s no reason to use the old methods of plucking and peeling when you’ve got the laser removal option. Lots of happy and hairless customers will tell you it works wonders.

Beware of having this procedure done at a place like the mall, a spa or a hair salon. You need to have it done by a professional with plenty of experience.

There are many choices women have today to get rid of hair on their faces. Some of the best methods are plucking, waxing, sugaring, electrolysis and laser hair removal. There is a solution within your budget and your tolerance of pain.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – The Secret To Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair, Permanently!

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