Investment Banking Resume Tip – What Bankers Are Really Looking For!

I had an interesting conversation with a woman at a networking event recently. She’s 58, doesn’t want to retire in the traditional sense, but wants to create an encore career that is more aligned with who she is at this stage in her life.

As a result, the amount of press regarding the industry as a whole has started to increase. And, unfortunately, a lot of it has grown more and more negative. My goal here is to provide an insider’s view and get to the real deal behind those professional CV services. This first article will focus on the positives behind resume-writing services. I will be following up this article with two more segments (the Bad and the Ugly).

So, now, picture your resume among the many others in the classifieds section. Because yours looks different than all the others – and because there is a “break” (meaning the “white space”) in and around your resume, yours will likely get a second glance.

Ultimately, that is why a resume that is deemed “poor” by most resume-writing standards can be successful and while one that is deemed “excellent” can be fruitless. It all comes down to how well the document meets the needs of the reader.

Volunteer for overtime if you are not a salaried employee. Most companies are not huge fans of excessive overtime costs, but some do not mind if the production justifies the cost. Overtime pays you one and a half times your regular salary. So, you not only get more money for more hours, but you receive bonus money for each overtime hour logged. If you can have a week here and there where you can get 25 hours of overtime, it is roughly the equivalent of working an extra full week.

You might use a company logo if you’ve worked at prominent place. Another option is the symbol for your college. These graphics help your resume look different from most others while also forming a connection between you and popular brands.

Lets face it, when there is a job vacancy, especially the most popular and high paid ones, the human resource department in that particular company probably gets hundreds if not thousands of applicants hoping to land their place in that position. Some may qualified, some will not. The fact is, the HR department will not be wasting and spending their time going through every single one of them. They are probably going to browse through those letters and picked up the ones which are worth a second look.

Remember, your clients don’t just want a resume. They want a job. Show them that you can help them get that job within their budget, and you’re on your way to a profitable career in freelance resume writing!

Investment Banking Resume Tip – What Bankers Are Really Looking For!

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